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Receive an author-signed copy

Three easy steps to receive an author-signed copy.

1.  Fill out the email form opposite

  • For "Name" and "Email" enter your contact info

  • For "Subject" enter "Send me a signed copy"

  • For "Message" enter:

    • how many copies you would like

    • if you would like me to personalize the page before signing, e.g., "For Mary"

    • if you would like me to leave the copy unsigned

  • For the "Address" enter where you want me to send the book(s)

2.  Click on the Send button


When I receive your email, and see how many copies you would like, and where you want them sent, I will send you an invoice for copies plus shipping.  (Copies are US$17 or CAD$24. Shipping one copy to the US is $11, to Canada is $5, to other countries it varies by country.)

3.  Receive my invoice and pay it

  • An invoice will be generated by PayPal and you can pay by PayPal or with major credit and debit cards

  • I will not see any of your payment details

Once I receive payment, I will sign the copies for you, and send them to you by regular mail.


Message sent!

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