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About the Author

Photo of the author Francis Pring-Mill

Francis Pring-Mill has been fascinated by the Tao Te Ching since discovering a copy in a secondhand store as a teenager.  In this book he applies skills developed as a professional facilitator, course developer and instructor, and communicator to offer the reader a guided journey into a densely written ancient spiritual text.

In Harmony with the Tao is the product of analytical thinking combined with a creative talent for explaining ideas.  The result will appeal to anyone interested in understanding the ideas contained in the Tao Te Ching and in applying them to daily life in the modern world.

Francis Pring-Mill has a master’s degree and a doctorate from the University of Oxford, where he also won a postgraduate scholarship which funded three years of doctoral research.  He then held a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Toronto.  In the business world, his roles have included government statistician, software engineer, and director in an IT professional services firm.


He has published in the fields of zoology, software engineering, and methodology.  His writing is characterized by success at analyzing, simplifying, and presenting ideas to make them easier to understand and apply.  In this book, he brings the same skills to a new subject.

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